Engage Me

In a world where our in-boxes are brimming with news from all sorts of brands, how do you make your communication stand out? According to Hubspot, 54% of marketers say increasing engagement rate is their top email marketing priority.

  1. Killer Subject Line

The first impression counts, so make sure you grab the reader’s attention, take time to come up with a short and informative subject line that will make the customer want to find out more.

  1. Let’s Get Personal

One of the most talked about CRM topics of 2017 is personalisation. Who doesn’t like to be remembered? We are humans and when brands reach out to us today it’s expected they will have done their homework. A one size fits all approach to CRM is no longer enough, address your customers by name, remember their last purchase or what their interest was last time you interacted. Spending the time to understand your customers upfront will pay dividends in the long-term.

  1. Tailor the Content

Not everyone wants to know the same thing, for example, if you are living in Downtown Dubai you may not be interested in knowing about properties in Dubai Marina. Make sure you only send RELEVANT information to your customers, so they know that next time they open an email from you, it will be worth it.

  1. Ask Their Opinion

After your customer has read your communication, why not use the opportunity to gather more data. Ask them what they thought about your communication, was it relevant to them, would they like to hear more about that topic in the future or would they like to know more about new launches and promotions. Knowing what your customers want is incredibly insightful when planning upcoming marketing campaigns.

  1. Be Dynamic

Introducing dynamic EDMs to your marketing portfolio will help you increase your open rates and click through rates. What do we mean by dynamic? Well, if a customer is to receive a dynamic EDM, it means that the information in that email is in real time. For example, imagine that you are announcing the launch of a new project. You can create hype and a sense of urgency but running a count-down to the launch. So, whenever the customer opens the email they will know exactly how many day, hours and minutes they have left to register with the developer or attend a launch.

Here’s another example, imagine you want to demonstrate how quickly a certain project is selling out. You can use your dynamic content to highlight how many units of a certain type are left, so if you don’t want to miss out you’d better be quick.

There are many ways of using dynamic content to develop relevant and meaningful communications. For more information, give us a call, we’d be more than happy to tell you more.

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