Quality Not Quantity

In a region where selling residential property used to be a walk in the park, how are today’s marketers adapting their marketing strategies to generate quality leads for their sales teams? Where the competition is high and buyers have more choices than ever before how do you stand out from the crowd? According to Hubspot, 65% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge.

Generating high numbers of leads is all well and good, but as marketers, quality will always win over quantity. The topic of lead generation is usually one of the main causes of contention between marketing and sales teams. It can be all too easy to say “We delivered 3,000 leads, it’s not my fault the sales team can’t convert”, but as marketers, are we doing all that we can to make sure our leads really are the best quality?

  1. Get Organised

Before you start your marketing campaign, get organised. Clean your existing data, make sure you have all the customers’ current details and segment their information into common groups (apartments, townhouses, villas or by budget, or by both). This way you can be sure that the right information is reaching the right people.

  1. Know Your Customers Inside Out

If you want to get ahead of the competition, take time to understand your customer. As a marketer, you should have a very clear understanding of the different types of customers you have and what information they would like to help solve their problem. Dig deep into your data to develop insightful customer profiles. (Their age, marital status, place of work, salary, area they live in, house they live in, car they drive, brands they like), by doing this you will be able to better target those people who have a genuine interest in what you are selling.

  1. Targeting the Right Way

Developing customer profiles will help you to spend your marketing budget more efficiently. Once you know who you want to speak to, analyse how they consume information. For example, if the person is looking for a 1 bedroom apartment to buy, consider all the places they will go to, to evaluate their options. (internet, real estate agents, professional networks, friends and family). Once you have considered all the possible options, start to rate them in order of priority and assign a budget to each.

  1. Tell them What They Want to Hear

This is where many marketers go wrong. In real life, we are bored by hearing the same information over again or frustrated by having to listen to stories that just aren’t relevant to you. To develop a long-term relationship with your customers, speak to them in their language, about things they are interested in and create a strong call to action to generate a quality lead. In a world where people at all levels are looking for the best deals, your customer proposition must to be attractive, and in some cases exclusive to attract attention.

  1. Make it Easy

Who likes filling out forms? Not me that’s for sure, but capturing data about your customers is essential. So, make the process as easy as possible. Don’t make your data form so long that they leave the page before they’ve even started. Identify what you need to know THEN and what can be collected from the customer later. Consider how else you can capture addition information from them while they are on the website, or social platforms. Maybe through a competition or signing up to a loyalty programme or something that benefits them in some way.

  1. Track Your Lead

Just because you have generated a lead, doesn’t mean that your job is complete. You now need to start tracking their behavior. Did they speak to sales person yet, if not why? If they did, and have not converted, why? Did they require more information or did you not have what they were looking for? Make sure that you are communicating with your lead throughout the sales process. If, at the end of the process they do not want to buy, then make sure you contact them again as a priority when what they are looking for is available.

  1. Keep in Touch

Don’t waste those leads. Find out their interests and then contact them on a regular (not too regular basis) with information that is relevant to them. A new launch, a new promotion, an added value proposition, a customer event. Keep the lead warm and help them to remember you, the next time they are in the market to buy a new home you’ll be top of mind.

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